Questions & Answers

There's a lot to know before becoming a FoodINC user. Here is a list of some of the most common questions and queries ...

What are the costs to use the FoodINC kitchen?

Our Preston kitchen costs $40 an hour (GST exclusive) and a minimum booking time is two hours. We seek to build a great community of start-ups, so we can work with founders and early stage businesses with billing terms if required. Regular usage and kitchen premises registration costs $350 annually.

What are your hours of operation?

From our Preston kitchen we can only operate from 7.45 am to 9 pm seven days a week. With over 90 hours of time across a week for booking and three bookable workspaces we can accommodate most requirements. For usage before those times please contact us.

Do you have kitchens for rent on an exclusive basis at a time that suits me?

Yes, subject to availability users can get access to a slot on an ongoing basis for an extended period of time, albeit it may not be exclusive. Please contact us to check your specific needs

Can I change/cancel my booking?

Yes. We’ve created a booking tool that allows for rescheduling and cancellation. We would prefer rescheduling of bookings with 24 hour’s notice but can accommodate new time slots across a week.

How does sharing kitchen space at FoodINC work?

Sharing means several businesses may be using one of the three workspaces. We have designed our access systems and kitchen to accommodate more than one user at any one time. However any specific food safety processes such as nut-free or gluten free production cannot generally be accommodated. Cold and dry storage areas are also shared but are generally stored in food grade lockable containers. Regular users are allocated one container of dry storage as complimentary.

How do you keep the kitchen clean?

To use our kitchen, you are responsible for cleaning up all the benches used, utensils and trays and wiping down equipment and cooktops etc. pot cleaning of floors for spills is also required, but floors are swept at mopped by our cleaning contractors Monday-Friday We usually advise 15 minutes of cleaning time on each side of your slot. Users must also empty the food organics bin in the brown food organics bin in the loading bay. All other bins are emptied by our contractors

Is there a bond?

No but we do require an annual fee of $350 for ongoing community membership. This membership gets you access to the kitchen space, subsidised learning and support services from FoodINC and MIC programs, and support for your registration with Council.

Can I receive deliveries?

Yes. The facility is accessible from the hours 8am-9pm seven days a week. Where possible you should try to schedule your deliveries close to your cooking time in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to ensure your food is secure and not tampered with you are on site to accept deliveries,

What is the kitchen equipped with?

You have full use of all the equipment, trays, chopping boards and large pots in the kitchen. You should bring all loose items,such as your own utensils, mixing bowls, pans,scales or any small cooking items so you know they are fit for your purpose. Chemicals and cleaning materials are in the kitchen. We will meet with you prior to your first slot to onboard you on kitchen operations

Can I use delivery partners such as UberEats at your site?

Yes, we have no issues with you working with delivery partners and drivers picking up from the rear of Building D or from the kitchen as long as it is during hours you have booked a slot or provided that you are there to meet and greet drivers

How does a Food Registration Permit work?

We have developed a great relationship with the competent local government officers to assist FoodINC users be fully compliant. A Food Registration Permit is connected to a kitchen. So new FoodINC users will be registered at our premises. A fixed premise registration has a minimum registration period of 12 months and the $350.

FoodINC community fee covers the support we can give you with your permit. Council fees are separate and vary depending on the time of year you apply for your Food Registration Permit. FoodINC can guide you on the application process but to complete your application, you will need to meet with a Health Officer at FoodINC and complete their required paperwork and have required food safety qualification such as an accredited Food Safety Supervisor appointed for your food business.